Shape : Different bottom shape depend on the riders, a full simple concave or triple concave with a vee on the tail...
Comment : The Troopers are our shortboard line developed with our team riders, each morphology, each style, give a different shortboard drive. Leave us your style / weight / size / level and we ll shape a magic shortboard.
Regular dimensions : 510 x 20 x 27/16 29.7L

Small size and lightweight
The particularities of this model are the marked bump just over the side fins to add a pivot on the rail and allow tighter turns. These rockers are marked in favor of a good control in hollow waves. Then, a strong bottom shape: a triangular triple concave reduces the pressure point of the concave, so the surfer needs less power to operate the ventury.

Small size and powerfull
The particularities of this model: an outline without bump tail giving to the board longer curves, a nose slightly wider and larger than a conventional shortboard to easily support the weight of the top of the body and help for the take off, all coupled with a middle rocker and a triple concave for more speed.

Regular size and weight
This model has a light Bump over the side fins for a slightly better maneuverability and a middle rocker that is interesting in many French surf conditions. The bottom shape is a simple concave for full continued acceleration, coupled with low rails for better control.

Big size and lightweight
Model has an outline with a bump over the side fins, with a narrower nose for a greater control in the vertical tricks and a triple concave with a light vee on the tail to make a complete board. This is the version that has the most nose rocker and lift tail.

Big size and powerfull
Dedicated for powerfull surfers with strong stances . These models keep a fuller outline and thickness for a better paddle and take off in any kind of conditions . A full concave give an immediate speed , added to a strong rocker , make the board really manoeuver.



This is a selection of best dimensions for this model by the shaper of UWL, Renaud CARDINAL.

Taille / Lenght : 165 - 197cm / 55'' - 66''
Largeur :
Width :
45,3 - 50 cm
17''3/4 - 19''3/4
Epaisseur :
Thickness :
5,3 - 6,7 cm
2''1/8 - 2''5/8
Volume : 21L - 36L
Aileron/Fin : Thruster -
Arrire/Tail : Squash - Thumb - Round diamond ...
Vague :
Wave :
1m 2.50m
3 to 8
Niveau/Level : Intermediate - Pro

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